How SCORE Helped: 

Marron and Associates (Marron) is a small, woman-owned consulting firm with two decades of experience providing a full range of environmental services. Marron specializes in the preparation of environmental documentation (often pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act [NEPA]), biological and cultural resource management, public involvement, and regulatory compliance.

Marron’s experienced multidisciplinary staff can guide projects through their unique complexities and challenges by providing quality technical, regulatory, and project management skills. Marron strives to identify issues and overcome challenges early in the process in order to provide practical problem solving, skillful planning, and efficient management for each project. This equates to providing quality services from a project’s beginning to its end. with our corporate office in Albuquerque and our office in Las Cruces, we are able to even better serve our clients.

In 2011, Ms. Shelly Herbst was accepted into the SBA‘s E200 Program. During this time, SCORE volunteer, Vic Berniclau, came to one of our sessions to discuss financial matters.

He was an excellent speaker and clearly understood financing. As such, Ms. Herbst scheduled a meeting with him to conduct a general review Marron’s financial reports as

well as to specifically discuss the pros and cons of using the accrual method for Marron’s financial reports.  After review of Marron’s financial statements, Mr. Berniclau verified that Marron’s financial administrator was doing a great job, that our financial affairs were in order.  A discussion was also held regarding the accrual vs. cash method

for reporting.