How SCORE Helped: 

The Knife Guys opened its doors in May of 2009. At that time, we the owners had little to no idea of all it would take to run a business. SCORE assisted us with start-up and QuickBo0ks classes. They also helped with information regarding banking, obtaining licenses and tax information. They were essential in giving us the grounding and sense of reality necessary to run a day to day business and be successful doing so. We have been in business for five plus years now.

We have a business clientele of over 150 and a walk-in customer list of 245 persons.  SCORE was vital in providing us with information regarding our business plan, marketing, the need of a logo, directing us to legal services, promotionals and dressing for success. We would not be where we are today if it were not for the team of counselors from SCORE.

The Knife Guys