Three years ago, Enchanted Equine was just a pie in the sky vision. EEA had two adopted horses in the backyard, a fantastic property, a willing family and a horse lover with a dream of giving back to the Albuquerque community. Owner Kendra Loring was committed to making her childhood hobby into a successful business. Kendra started EEA with no money, no huge loans, just the support of her family and her 20 years of business management experience in retail.

My successes. 

Kendra is one of two Business Champions awarded a Sam's Club $1000 in the 2017 competition sponsored by SCORE. Kendra says, "We are so excited to receive this honor  and represent the great state of New Mexico on a national platform! Albuquerque is such a hotbed of entrepreneurial spirit, I love being among this incredibly passionate and supportive group of small businesses. We could not have brought therapeutic riding into the spotlight on this level without the generous resources and networks of our families, friends, clients and the small business community.” 

How SCORE helped. 

Kendra says, "SCORE has helped me tremendously in getting press, moving my sales forward."

Kendra Loring with horse