Learn the Basics of Google Ads June 29, 2022, 11:00am CDT June 29, 2022, 12:00pm CDT

Join Grow with Google Professional Trainer, Maria Elena Duron, in this powerful webinar packed full with best practices, basic setting, and marketing tips to grow your business using Google Ads. Learn how to best use and optimize the powerful Google Ads platform. Description: In this workshop you will learn how to reach more customers and grow your business with Google Ads. In this session we’ll talk about: How to create an account and set up an ad campaign How to write great ads, refine keywords, and include ad extensions How to measure success


About the Presenter(s)

Maria Elena Duron

Maria is a speaker for the Grow with Google partner program. She helps businesses profitably harness their personal brand, content, and referral marketing. Her wide range of clients includes hotels, restaurants, inventors, authors, and web series creators. 

Grow with Google Professional Speaker
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