Accounting Solutions and Secrets from a QuickBooks Queen 5/19/21 May 19, 2021, 9:00am MDT May 19, 2021, 12:00pm MDT
SCORE Albuquerque - Online via Zoom

Are there days when you wish someone could wave a magic wand over your accounting work and make it all go away? Our QuickBooks Queen can do the next best thing by sharing all her QuickBooks secrets with you. In only 3 hours, your accounting work will transform before your very eyes as you work faster, more accurately, and more productively!

Join QuickBooks Queen Sheryl Brown, CPA and MBA, as she offers time-saving shortcuts and explains QuickBooks capabilities. She will guide you through the process, giving live examples of company accounts. You'll learn the pros and cons of online versus desktop versions of QuickBooks, the how and why of memorized transactions, how to customize reports for employees and managers, quick and accurate record keeping for your use of 1099 contractors, and much more!

As a New Mexico small business owner herself (Taking Care of Business), Sheryl knows the value of doing it better, faster, and cheaper. Don't miss this chance to ask all your QuickBooks questions and learn from the best! Cost: $29.95

Accounting Solutions and Secrets from a QuickBooks Queen 5/19/21