6 Steps to Build Legal Resilience in Your Business January 20, 2022
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There's nothing like a lawsuit to slow the growth and prosperity of your small business. You may think things are going well for your business -- but are you sure? Often the operational and contractual weak points become evident only during a crisis. Stay lawsuit resistant and in pristine legal health with these six steps. Attorney Larry Donahue will lead you through a thorough examination of vital elements that, if neglected, could jeopardize your business.

Topics Covered:

Employee Handbook. No employee handbook? Bad idea. Did you download a generic, nonspecific handbook? Even worse idea.
Business Succession Planning (e.g., retirement plans, buy-sell agreements, etc.). Turn your business into a revenue stream for your retirement.
Lawsuit Retardant Operating Agreements. One of the most powerful documents for a business owner.
Contracts (e.g., with customers, vendors, and others). Your business is only as good as the contracts it uses.
Trademarks and Intellectual Property Considerations. How to keep what is yours.
Cybersecurity. Does your business utilize a computer? Smart phone? Process credit cards? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you absolutely do!

With over 26 years as a practicing attorney, Larry Donahue is a high-tech entrepreneur who loves small, dynamic, smart and savvy start-ups, especially in the Internet and E-Commerce sectors. His company, Law 4 Small Business, is one of the fastest growing companies in New Mexico and the Southwest. Larry and his law firm help hundreds of small business owners every month, and keep abreast of many legal issues confronting small businesses in New Mexico.

Key Topics

6 Steps to Build Legal Resilience in Your Business