Do You Run a Business?

If so, you face challenges every day that you cannot discuss with employees, friends or even family. 

  • Sales are trending down; this is what I will do to reverse the trend.
  • I need to get the cash to handle a big order.  Here's my plan.
  • These are the three steps I plan to take to grow my business.
  • These are the metrics I will use to test my marketing efforts.
  • Here are my ideas to get more business from existing customers.
  • I need to hire an employee.  This is how I will do it.

The list of business challenges is endless. So, who can relate to what it's like to run your business? Another business owner.

If you are ready to devote 3-4 hours each month to work on improving your business a Business Owners Council of your business peers is a safe place to test your plans.  Work with a SCORE facilitator between group sessions to prepare your presentation.