Why choose SCORE Albuquerque as your small business resource?

At SCORE Albuquerque, we help clients gain clarity to take the next step -- and the steps after that – by presenting them as opportunities.  This is the place where you can test your real-life action plan.  Our unique program includes experienced entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate managers and executives who are committed to helping local small businesses grow from the ground up and become more effective over time.

Each small business owner has individualized needs for learning and support.

Why volunteer with SCORE Albuquerque?

Our volunteers are passionate about using their knowledge and expertise to assist and support local business owners, entrepreneurs and nonprofits during every phase of business.   Our mentors choose SCORE as a way to utilize their expertise and talents through Business Owners Councils, one-on-one mentoring and business education workshops to benefit the local community.

Business Owners Councils

Business owners become part of an ongoing peer group learning environment that includes one-on-one discussions with a trained SCORE facilitator.  Session agendas are developed from member issues and action plans.  Learn more about our BOCs here.

One-on-One Mentoring

One-on-one guidance is provided on a confidential basis at no cost.  Request a meeting here.


A new business topic is featured each month, presented by local experts in that field, followed by participant Q&A.  Check out our schedule here.