Join a Business Owner's Council

As an owner, you will face challenges throughout the life of your business. Clarify your next step by working one-on-one with our trained facilitator. Test your business action plans in front of your peers with no consequence, no risk and no big investment.

Ongoing Business Support

For entrepreneurs like you, turning a bold vision into a profitable enterprise requires much more than opening the doors on the first day of business.  SCORE Business Owners Councils can help.

BOC Video Overview

We're a safe place to test your business ideas! 

Join a group of non-competing business owners, who face similar challenges and opportunities, in scheduled ongoing sessions. A trained SCORE facilitator meets one-on-one with each participant, followed by group roundtable discussions.

Gain clarity on your first next step

Autonomy.  Independence.  Many small business owners go into business for these reasons.  But to have effective autonomy and be successful, a business owner must be clear about -- and test -- the next step (and the steps after that)!  

  • Sales are trending down.  My plan to turn this around is...
  • We need cash to handle a big order.  My proposal for possible revenue sources is...
  • I am ready to grow my business.  These are the top two opportunities/areas...  My development plan is...
  • Best results from our marketing efforts have been in....  My plan is to emphasize... We will add/test these areas...
  • I need paid employees.  I will commit these hours per week to developing a process for practicing interviewing and developing job profiles...

What the BOC has done for me:

SCORE Roundtable was presented to us as an opportunity to get together with other small business owners in a similar category, similar size, similar challenges, so that we could share and get information from people who may have had those same experiences.  Interestingly enough, some of the best things we've gained from the meetings are working on other people's problems.  We create some terrific ideas for ourselves simply by listening to their problems and helping them solve them." -- Jay Weingardt, Owner of The Fitness Superstore (Albuquerque and El Paso)."
Being able to have a group of our peers and be able to discuss business issues confidentially, being able to bounce ideas off of one another... I think it's a very cost effective tool.  The return on investment for what you get with SCORE is second to none."  -- Mike Devereaux, President/Managing Partner of Document Imaging of the Southwest"
As a small businessman, it's kind of a lonely world out there, and to have a group of people that you can go and talk with -- you'll walk away with a clearer vision of what you need to be thinking about, what you need to be working on." -- Robert Biernacki, Owner of WaterQuest, Inc."
What motivated me to join the SCORE Roundtable is listening to other people's stories.  Sometimes we come in and think we have an original problem, but really it's not so original because other business owners are having the same issues." -- DJ Heckes, Founder/CEO of Exhib-it!"
One of the things that motivated me to join the SCORE Roundtable: it's very interesting to get to sit down and listen to success stories and/or concerns and see how we fit in a lot of the same categories on some of our same struggles and some of our same successes." -- Jimmy Nugent, President of Moving Solutions, Inc."
I decided to be part of the SCORE Roundtable because I thought it would hep me be a better business owner.  It would help me understand my goals, my focus.  In that sense it's really been beneficial to me." -- Mike Blomker, Owner of Merry Maids (Albuquerque and Santa Fe)"

Elizabeth Lucero, ChFC                                                                                Chris Sweetin, 3D Security Training Solutions