SCORE Presenter and Co-Chapter Chair

What roles have you held at SCORE?

Since 1997 I have been a SCORE volunteer. I have held all roles including, Vice-Chair and Chapter Chair in New Haven, CT. After moving to Las Vegas, I became the Vice-Chair and Co Chapter Chair.  I have been a  Workshop Presenter for National SCORE and the Chapters. I am involved in the National SCORE Women's Committee, The Ambassador of the West for Diversity and Inclusion.

What passion drives you to continue to volunteer?

I have enjoyed helping those whose dream is to own a business. I enjoy speaking and sharing my business expertise with women who need support and encouragement. The clients I have helped inspire me, knowing that I have made a difference in their lives. I also enjoy meeting other volunteers from around the country and collaborating with them on programs, and sharing best practices.

What is your proudest moment while volunteering with SCORE?

In Connecticut, I assisted in planning the largest Successful Women in Business conference with over 450 women in attendance. In Las Vegas, I helped create a monthly networking event for women getting a grant by partnering with SBDC, WBC and SBA.  It was so rewarding to see capable women learning and networking with other women working together and building their network of resources.  When covid hit,  We were then able to transfer this program virtually with excellent attendance each month.  Making a difference in the lives of our clients is what gives me the most joy.

What was your most recent success?

A client was struggling to get their idea off the ground. I was able to help her structure her business and launch it to success. When the pandemic hit, I was able to help her successfully pivot and remain open. Every business challenge has many solutions and having the ability to share my out-of-the-box thinking has helped so many businesses figure out a way to be successful. More and more businesses have started during the pandemic, and we all know that the only job security is owning a business. Helping those to become business owners is my greatest accomplishment. Ongoing mentoring helping clients continue to have profitable businesses.

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